Laser Whiteboard (JG-06 Series)


100''; 16:9; Infrared; OPS; Laser Display Unit; Camera & Microphone (optional)

Laser Whiteboard combines the laser display unit and whiteboard and renders them completely integrated as one. Such a design eliminates the need for the installation of a separate projector and removes the limitations imposed by the requirements caused by environment and height, significantly diversifying possible application scenarios. It fundamentally addresses all the installation and application issues associated with existing products, while greatly improving the quality and stability of the product.





1. One-piece Design: Unified height of the screen and boards; 4k display and resolution; wide color gamut.

2. Top Speaker: Avoiding absorption and obstruction of sound; transmitting sounds through gaps of grids to enhance the overall volume.

3. High-definition Camera: 13MP camera with 135o HFOV.

4. 10m Voice Pickup Range: Omnidirectional pickup distance and smart noise cancelation.

5. Eye-Care Design: Laser display unit featuring vision-care for both teachers and students.

6. Easy Installation and Convenient Maintenance: Low weight of the device alleviating possible damage during installation and requirements for wall load.

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