Interconnected Whiteboard

86''/98''/110''; 16:9; Capacitive; Multi-OS-Supported; Android 11.0; Camera & Microphone (optional)

Interconnected Whitebaord is a cutting-edge teaching device that combines traditional functions and intelligent innovations. Featuring a one-piece design with a sleek and chaste appearance, it allows a synchronized display of written content on the home screen and subscreen and supports chalk writing, providing teachers with versatile teaching tools and effortless switch between screens.




1. Interconnected Writing and Display: Subscreen synchronously presenting content written on the home screen.

2. Impressive Audio Experiences: Minimizing possible loss and obstruction of sound to transmit sounds to the entire classroom with not a corner left. 

3. Handy Teaching Tools: Capacitive touch effectively distinguishing handwriting from teaching tools and interconnecting the home screen and subscreens under all circumstances.

4. Special Capacitive Pen: Forming films on the board and making it easy to leave marks and erase.

5. One-piece Design: Unified height of the screen and board; LED light source; 4k display; 178 HFOV.

6. Upgraded Functions: Upside embedded speakers transmitting sounds with less loss of volume with aluminum alloy cover plate keeping dust off; A storage-box is placed next to the cable ports for easy arrangement of cable and potabale hard drive.