Company Profile

Donview has been serving as a full-ecological provider of comprehensive solutions to the whole education industry for 30 years in China. It is dedicated to bringing smart education to every school and every classroom, addressing issues such as the monotonous teaching model and the inability to analyze teaching behaviors in a traditional classroom. It offers integrated solutions encompassing devices, programs, applications, and services for the education industry.

Donview's smart teaching products mainly include interactive whiteboards, laser blackboards, smart blackboards, LCD All-in-Ones, Three Classroom systems, Smart Collaboration classrooms, interactive teaching software, and more. The application-side solutions cover multimedia classrooms of different sizes, smart classrooms, functional classrooms, tiered classrooms, recording classrooms, intelligent seminar classrooms, etc. It provides differentiated professional solutions for early childhood education, K-12 education, vocational education, higher education, and offline social education. Over the years, the "Donview" brand has provided diverse products and services for millions of classrooms nationwide, earning widespread recognition from the market and users.

Donview empowers education with technology, making teaching and learning simpler and more enjoyable. In the future, we will continue to innovate our products and provide more high-quality products and solutions for the intelligent development of education.