Smart Blackboard (ZH/HL/ZL04PA Series)


86''/98''; Capacitive/Infrared; Android 11.0; Camera&Microphone (optional)

Smart Blackboard is a perfect combination for teachers during classes - the home screen delivers excellent display and mark experiences because of its 4K and sensitive touch panel, while the subscreen ensures more space to write and extend when necessary.



1. One-piece Design: Unified height of the screen and board; LED light source; 4k display; 178 HFOV 

2. Top Speaker: Minimizing possible loss and obstruction of sound to transmit sounds to the entire classroom with not a corner left.

3. Android 11.0: Automatic categorizing and rapid locating documents; supporting 10+ pens simultaneous writing on; sharing board content through QR codes; convenient recording.

4. Eye Care Design: Smart eye-caring writing/light-controlling mode offering visual protection for teachers and students

5. User-Friendly Details: The aluminum alloy cover plate helps keep dust off; A storage box is placed next to the cable ports, making it easy for cable and portable hard drive storage.

6. Easy Installation and Convenient Maintenance: Low weight of the device eliminating additional damage during installation and requirements for wall load.

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