2023 Chongqing Higher Education Exhibition


On April 10, the three-day "58th·59th China Higher Education Expo" came to an end at the Chongqing International Expo Center.

As a comprehensive solution service provider for the education industry, Donview has been committed to providing the education industry with overall solutions from equipment, solutions, and applications to services.

At this exhibition, Donview participated in the exhibition with many new and hot products of its educational equipment, bringing intelligent and intelligent immersive experiences to the audience.

#On the Spot

At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of people visiting the booth of Donview.

Many audiences carefully observed and experienced various products in the Donview and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the product instructors present on many product details and functional usage issues.

At the same time, the staff of Donview warmly received every visitor who came to the exhibition and introduced product features and application scenarios to them in detail.

Many exhibitors also left their contact information based on their trust in the Donview brand and products.

#The debut of the New Products

At this exhibition, the various products brought by Donview attracted the audience to stop. Hot-selling products such as Donview interconnected blackboard, smart blackboard, touch all-in-one computer, and conference tablet are still attracting attention.

The newly launched 100-inch laser blackboard and 110-inch interconnected blackboard have attracted the attention of a large number of professional audiences, showing the new trend of innovation and development in the Donview in an all-round way.

The appearance of the latest 100-inch laser blackboard has been upgraded as a whole, and the projector and whiteboard are combined into one, making it completely integrated. The projector plugs directly into the blackboard, no separate installation is required.

It fundamentally solves the problems existing in the installation and application scenarios of previous products, and at the same time greatly improves the stability of the product.


The 110-inch interconnected blackboard combines tradition and intelligence, integrating traditional blackboard, multi-touch, intelligent teaching and other functions. Through the new push-pull mode, it is convenient for teachers to write on the blackboard.

The main screen adopts infrared touch technology, and the secondary screen adopts capacitive touch technology, which supports multiple touch methods such as fingers and touch pens, enriches the teaching scene, allows teachers to teach freely, and makes the teaching scene more vivid.

Donview always insists on empowering education with technology. Each product starts from the actual use scene and is meticulously carved with many humanized details to perfectly fit the user's usage habits!

The new product adopts a novel grille structure, which not only reduces the entry of dust, facilitates sound transmission, but also shows the beauty of oriental structure.

We added a humanized mobile hard disk storage box, which is convenient for teachers to store teaching hard disks, and fits teachers' teaching habits.

The design inspiration drawn from the front-line teaching scenes by Donview will surely feedback to the front-line teachers and help colleges and universities to develop better!

Donview will go to Nanchang together with brand-new products and excellent solutions! Provide brand-new application options for education informatization and intelligence!