2023 The 81st China Educational Equipment Exhibition, Nanchang


On April 21, the 81st China Educational Equipment Exhibition kicked off in Nanchang, Jiangxi. After a long time, this exhibition has ushered in a boom in development, and the audience is full of people, and the audience is very popular.

As a comprehensive solution service provider for the education industry, Donview showed a variety of intelligent educational equipment products and scenario-based solutions in Nanchang and held the Donview 2023 new product launch conference and media tasting meeting on the spot, presenting new products and diverse solutions to professionals. The audience brought more new experiences, adding luster to this long-lost reunion industry feast.

At this exhibition, Donview brought exhibits such as 98-inch and 110-inch interconnected blackboards, 86-inch touch all-in-one machine and dual-smart touch all-in-one machine solutions, laser projection solutions, 43-inch picture screens, and the blockbuster 100-inch laser blackboard.

#The Debut of New Products

Thirty years of condensed ingenuity, persistence, and innovation. In the course of many years of development, Donview has not changed its original intention and has been on the road of innovation and development, using technology to help the high-quality development of the education industry.

The Donview laser blackboard released this time, from the perspective of health and eye protection, realizes the integrated design of laser display unit and touch screen, and uses the principle of diffuse reflection to protect the eyesight of teachers and students.

The newly upgraded integrated appearance is divided into fresh and natural green models and simple and elegant black models, with a four-corner arc design, which can effectively prevent sharp impacts and protect the safety of teachers and students.


Starting from the teaching scene of the first-line teachers, Donview is perfect in the details, which fits the teacher's usage habits, and adds a mobile hard disk storage box, which is convenient for the teacher to place.

The top-mounted sound design uses grid arrays to produce sound through the gaps, which not only creates a unique image of Donview products but also facilitates sound transmission and greatly increases the volume.

#On the Spot

At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of industry leaders, school teachers, and peer manufacturers who came to visit the Donview booth. The high-quality products and all-round solutions won the audience's praise and consultation.

At the same time, Zhao Xian, deputy mayor of Changchun City, and his entourage also made a special trip to the Donview booth to visit and guide. Donview introduced the 2023 new product to the leaders-Donview laser blackboard.

Deputy Mayor Zhao Xian nodded frequently while listening to the introduction, and expressed his high approval for the Donview Laser Blackboard. He believes that we not only need to care about the advancement of equipment but also pay attention to the vision health of teachers and students.

At the exhibition site, the three classroom display classrooms built by the Donview, through the integration of multiple terminals and multi-scenario integration, showed everyone the teaching scenes of famous teacher classrooms, courier classrooms, and online classrooms of prestigious schools.

Using Donview intelligent education equipment, you can easily carry out three classroom activities, realize the sharing of high-quality educational resources, and promote a bright future of fair educational resources.

Products such as laser blackboards, interconnected blackboards, and touch all-in-one computers in general teaching scenarios have also attracted a lot of attention and been widely recognized by exhibitors.

Wave after wave of audiences witnessed the practicality and convenience, technology, and intelligence of the educational equipment in the Donview.

Just like the excitement brought to you by this exhibition, Donview will continue to build a new space for digital teaching through the combination of Internet + educational equipment and provide a strong guarantee for the improvement of teaching quality.

In the future, Donview will also carry the expectations of users to us, keep the original intention, stick to the original intention, research and develop attentively, serve attentively, forge ahead, and accompany each generation to learn easily!