Audio Source device

Digital Tuner-TU2112

1. Standard 1U height cabinet design; quartz phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer, accurate and stable receiving frequency.

2. 100 radio frequency memory (FM20, AM20, SW20, FM1 20, AM1 20).

3. The automatic channel search memory function is convenient and practical.

4. Using flash memory, the memory contents can be saved even if the power is cut off for a long time.

5. Two tuning modes, automatic and manual, are available.

6. Frequency range: FM 76.0MHz - 108.0MHz

7. Frequency range: AM 522KHz - 1710KHz

8. Frequency range: SW 2.3MHz - 23.0MHz

9. Step frequency: FM: 100KHz; AM: 9KHz; SW: 5KHz

10. Power supply voltage: AC 165V~250V/50Hz


DVD Player- PDV-878

1. Standard rack-mounted ultra-thin 1U design, equipped with rack mounting brackets, black chassis, and aluminum alloy panel.

2. Audio output: stereo (R/L), 5.1 channel, coaxial, optical fiber.

3. Video output: S terminal, high definition (HDMI), component (Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr), VGA.

4. Supports power-off memory resumption function, time selection and loop playback function, and electronic photo album function.

5. Super error correction ability, electronic anti-seismic technology makes playback smoother, and high-definition video output HDMI (supports 1080P) with excellent picture quality.

6. The USB playback function supports various lossless formats such as WAV and MP3.

7. With Bluetooth receiving function and FM radio function,

8. Fully compatible with DVD/VCD/EVD/SVCD/CD/HDCD/MP3/WAV/JPEG/DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD-G and other different format discs.

9. The front panel of the machine has physical button functions: play/pause, stop, next song, previous song, fast forward, fast rewind, exit/enter, FM/Bluetooth, time selection, repeat, audio channel, return, Title, number direct selection, etc.

10. Equipped with a full-function remote control for easy operation.

11. Input power: AC220V/50Hz

12. Maximum power consumption: 25W