Control Equipment


Network PA Control Server & Software-NET300

1. Standard 7U height cabinet design, 17.3-inch full HD touch screen.

2. The network broadcast host has 4 COM interfaces; 3 MIC input ports; 8 USB interfaces, 4 of which are USB3.0; dual network card design, 2 RJ45 interfaces; 1 VGA interface and 1 DVI- D video interface can be connected to an external LCD monitor; 1-way PS/2 interface can be connected to an external PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

3. 6×4 audio matrix function: 6 line input interface, each line input has two group buttons to send to any group mixing.

4. Both line input and microphone input have volume and tone adjustment, with 9 volume adjustment knobs and 9 sets (18) of high and low bass adjustment knobs.

5. With 2 sets of line output interfaces.

6. The panel has a programmable emergency button.

7. Built-in monitoring function, the monitoring volume can be adjusted independently.

8. Industrial-grade motherboard can meet 7×24hrs uninterrupted work. 


Audio Mixing Console-ATD1608

1. No less than 14 MIC/LINE (COMBO XLR interface); 2 1/4" TRS line inputs; 1 optical fiber input; 1 coaxial input

2. No less than 2 main outputs, 6 group outputs, 2 auxiliary outputs, 1 stereo monitoring output, and 1 AES digital output;

3. 7-inch touch screen, 1024×600 resolution, no need to restart when switching between Chinese and English;

4. Built-in USB recording and playback functions, the USB player can recognize Chinese song titles;

5. Built-in 14 channels of independent feedback suppressors and integrated speaker manager;

6. Supports RS232 and TCP/IP protocols to facilitate third-party central control;

7. 13 100mm electric faders;

8. The software can be upgraded through the network or USB disk;

9. The input channel has 4-stage parametric equalization, noise gate, feedback suppressor, high and low pass, compression, and inversion;

10. The output channel has 8-segment parametric equalization, high and low pass, compression, inverter and delay;

11. Supports 100 sets of scene preset functions, which can be exported and imported into USB memory to facilitate data backup;

12. Built-in signal generator: sine wave, pink noise, white noise;

13. Channel parameter copy function, the same channel can quickly copy data;

14. Supports 2 DCA groups; supports customization of channel names;

15. Support PC, Android and IOS control;

16. Support double-click synchronization mirror hot backup function;

17. Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (±1dB);

18. Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.005%@4dBu, 1kHz;

19. Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): ≥105dB;

20. Crosstalk: ≥85dB

21. Gain: ≥68dB

22. Max input and output level: ≥18dBu

23. Noise floor ≤-90dB

▲Items 1, 2, 5, 16, 18, 19, 22, and 23 of the above parameters should issue a third-party testing report with content that is consistent with the content. The issuing organization of the report is accredited by CMA/CNAS, and a copy should be provided with the official seal of the bidder ( The original copy shall be kept for inspection during the bid announcement period);"